I had my first radio license in 1955 as WN9JQA. I upgraded to Conditional in 1956 as W9JQA. After Graduating from Rose Polytechnic , Terre Haute, Indiana with a BSEE in Electrical Engineering I moved to Independence, Missouri and became a General Class as K0LTV. Four years later i took a job in Rochester, New York at General Dymanics Electronics and changed my callsign to WA2WVL. In 1965 I moved across town to work for RF Communications (which was latter bought by Harris Corporation). In 1965 I was one of the operators at the XE5L DXpedition. I stayed 33 years at RF Com with many interesting design programs which included:

2000 KW 50 mhz Transmitter for US Air Force.
50 KW 2-30 Autotune Transmitter for US Navy
10 KW 2-30 Solid State Transmitter for production
10 KW 2-30 Digital Autotune Antenna Coupler
4 KW Broadband transmitting System for US and Canadian Navys
Did preliminary antenna designs for the HAARP program
In 1993 I presented a paper 'Design and construction of Wire Yagis' at the Dayton Hamvention. (Included booms to 100 meters)
Hold 7 Patents on High Power design
I have written 7 antenna articles for QST and 1 paper for Antenna Compendum, Volume #6
I have been a member of ARRL for over 50 years.

wa2wvl card

I retired to Florida in 1997 where I am still inventing new antennas. The SVA is here.