SVA Update Coming Soon!

                1. SVA
               A Simple phased array for 80 meters.

                2. High Directivity
                 Better receiving with a narrow beam array.

                3. EWE For You
                 Simple receiving antenna for the low bands.

                4. More EWEs For You
                 Good receiving in four directions.

                5. Horizontal EWE
               Polarized EWE antenna.

                6. Quad Loop
                 Really an Endfed Dipole with ground feed.

                7. Broadband Transmitting
                 Transmit/Receive antenna for 1.8 - 30 MHz.

                8. Short Dipoles
                 Getting 160 meter antennas on a small property.

                9. The Diamondback Antenna
                 The best transmitting antenna for DX contesting.

                10. Wire Yagis
                 Very long booms for 80 meters (beyond 300 feet).

                11. The End Fed Dipole

                12. Power Supply Mosfets As HF Power Amplifiers

                13. Driving Parallel Power Mosfets
                 Some tricks in driving large mosfets.

                14. Confusion About Ferrite Transformers
                 Why cores crack under power.

                15. Broadband Autotransformers
                 Designing for odd ratios.

                16. Designing High Power
                 Designing for low ferrite core loss